Management and Support Service for SMEs. We develop a business plan to create successful and sustainable projects or to grow the business.


We help in attracting investment. We prepare, train and put at your disposal all the necessary tools in order to achieve your goals, presenting with maximum guarantees of success your project to potential investors.


The program also includes search and negotiation of private investor capital.

The development of the business plan helps to create successful and sustainable projects.


We analyze your financial situation to guide you on funding needs of your company. We advise on the accounting criteria, methodology and strategy for increasing the chances of success in access to public and private bank financing

All bank, public and private funding at your disposal.


Accounting: We make and we update the accounts of your company. We offer a personalized service of outsourcing your accounting processes, which will allow you to fully dedicate yourself to your business. All through applications that will allow immediate access and update your financial statements and reduce management time and the cost for this service.


Tax Advice: The study and in-depth knowledge of all national and international tax law allows us to apply very advantageous tax options to our customers thereby reducing the tax burden and maximize the benefit to your company.


Labor Advisory: The labor service shouldn’t be based only on effective management of procedures related to labor relations of the company but also in optimizing labor regulations in order to improve their labor costs and improve offered to their employees.


Legal: Our team of lawyers specialized in corporate legal advice that will be able to respond to all questions of commercial, corporate, bankruptcy or civil law, also providing advice in general and international taxation that might arise in their business.

All operating and business services at your disposal so you can concentrate on creating value to your business.

Administration Management: We deal with all your billing management. Issuing and sending invoices, billing management and control, tracking and recovery of unpaid refunds. All this will allow you to fully dedicate yourself to your business. This service, which consists in a fully outsourced billing management, will reduce costs of administrative staff, investment and maintenance costs of the billing software, reducing considerably the time tracking payments and claiming unpaid.


Treasury Management: Our treasury management service that integrates the management and control of payments with an agile and effective communication with suppliers, thereby obtaining an improvement in your financial results, receiving the advice on the most appropriate form of payment for your activity and improving the relations with your suppliers.


Tax office: We place a tax office service to our customers. The possibility of outsourcing secretarial services, receipt of documentation and the availability for hiring meeting rooms, which will allow your company to avoid having a physical office, minimizing the costs in office and structure.


Internationalization: Support services for companies in the process of internationalization and foreign trade, allowing them to diversify in new markets or products, reaching new markets and dealing with new investors that will offer other business opportunities.


Our solutions enable our customers to take full advantage of its competitive advantages, to effectively face the global challenges of the economy and emerging markets.


Marketing and Communication: Companies need to design products and services that serve the market needs and these should be adequately publicized to the potential customers in order to achieve the expected business success. It is important to offer the product to the customer with the appropriate argumentation.


Our service Marketing and communication will analyze the necessary information and will plan short, medium and long term actions, giving support on its execution, and analyzing the results of the Marketing and communication policies.

Strategic services that help the boost and growth of your company.

Human Resources: Properly manage your team and establish a policy of attracting and retaining talent that will enable companies to maximize people’s value who are part of your company, thus achieving a substantial competitive improvement in it.


Our HUMAN RESOURCES TEAM (HR) will help in defining appropriate Organizational Chart, reorganizing and optimizing the departments in your business, establishing policies in retribution and compensation systems.